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Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline

Freephone: 0808 808 2234
Or text DAN to: 81066

DAN 24/7 website review

Thank you for taking time to view this survey, please read the brief of why we are asking for feedback on our website.
This survey is to capture feedback on the current website layout and function.
Our aim is to ensure the website operates as effective as possible for as many people across wales as we can, we can do this by updating the content, improving accessibility and making the site more user friendly.
The deadline for the survey responses will be 31st of August 2020.

Capturing data

Please fill in the information below, this is to ensure we capture feedback from as many people and organisations as possible from across Wales.

Please note; the information in this response will be kept Anonymous:
  • We ask for information on your area, this is to ensure we have collected surveys from all over Wales.
  • We ask for your job role so we can get as many perspectives as possible.
  • We ask for your age to ensure changes to the website suit as many age demographics as possible.


1. What is your age?

2. What is your local authority?

3. What is your job / roll?

Please open up the website and start at the homepage, from here, please take a look at the information that is available.

4. How well does the layout of the website meet your needs?

If you have answered B, C or D, please explain why

5. Do you feel the information on the website is sufficient?

If you have answered No please explain why

6. Website navigation; how easy was it to navigate through our website?

If you have answered B, C, D or E, please explain why

The next section of the survey will ask you to navigate the website for specific elements, followed by some questions.

This will allow us to review ease of access to specific information.

7. Please try to find alcohol harm reduction information, how easy was this?

8. Please find information on drugs and choose a specific one. Is there enough information?

If you have answered B or C please give your reasons why

9. Following the previous question, please stay on the same chosen drug information. Did you find the information helpful?

If you have answered B or C please give your reasons why

Our database of services feeds into our online search. Please follow the process of searching for a service in your area.

From the home page, you would click on ‘Services’, then you would need to select ‘drugs’ from the drop down and enter the first part of your postcode.

10. Please give us feedback on the search results.

If you have answered B or D please give your reasons why

11. Following on from the previous instruction, to your knowledge, was the service information up to date and correct?

If you answered No, please tell us what service/services were not up to date or correct.

12. If you wanted self-help literature or service information, how would you like to access it?

13. For information and updates on drugs and alcohol, what format would you prefer?

14. Do you have any examples of websites that you can easily navigate?

15. What means of communication would you prefer when contacting a service such as DAN 24/7?


16. The website will be looking at using a professional forum to discuss any areas of concern with regard to substances across Wales e.g. use of Fentanyl in Anglesey. If confirmed, Dan247 would then schedule a drug alert via a press release.
Is this something you would welcome as part of good cross partnership working/communication?

If you answered No, please explain:

17. Including links to relevant services and information on the new website could mean a more effective site for visitors, and better partnership working.
Are there any other services, links or information that you believe should be included into the new site?

18. We have asked a number of specific questions but if you have anything further you would like to add about the website, please include this below.