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Scientific Names: Benzodiazepine

Generic Names: Enwau Generig: Tranquiliser, anxiolytic, sedative

Tablet form, can vary in colour, shape and markings. Although usually sold as a white ‘bar’ with XANAX marked on it.

Desired Effects:

Relaxation, reduced anxiety/tension, calmness, sleep aid

Side Effects:

Confusion, memory loss, drowsiness, loss of coordination, light-headed

Long term risks:

Dependence, severe Withdrawal symptoms if suddenly stopped, Agoraphobia, panic attacks, severe anxiety

Short term risks:

Tolerance, accidents, potential for Overdose if combined with Alcohol and/or other drugs such as heroin and pregabalin

Illicit or fake benzodiazepines (which is most likely what you will have if you purchase from the internet or off the ‘street’) may not contain only, or even any of the drug you intended to buy. Purity and strength can vary widely between tablets/pills from the same batch or packet even though they may look exactly the same, this can lead to hospitalisation or even death. Please view the reducing harm page for more information.
Xanax is a benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines are medically prescribed for a number of different reasons, these include to treat anxiety, as a sedative and as muscle relaxants. Benzodiazepines work as a depressant on the central nervous system.


Injected – some people crush tablets and inject them, this is extremely dangerous practice and can lead to abscesses, skin infections and overdose. Xanax will not dissolve in water, and should not be injected.
If snorted: Pill crusher, hard level surface (such as a mirror or glass), tube or rolled banknote.

If Tablets are crushed and injected: Needles & Syringes, water, spoon, Tourniquet, filter.
To treat restlessness, depression, tension and anxiety; to induce sleep; as a muscle relaxant; as a pre-surgery Sedative, as an anti-convulsant drug, psychiatric disorders and Withdrawal from Alcohol.
Diverted from manufacturers, pharmacies and GPs prescriptions or illicitly manufactured fakes.
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