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Scientific Names: Morphine Sulphate

Generic Names: Enwau Generig: Opiate

An example of what Morphine looks like
Pharmaceutically pure morphine is a white powder. In tablets it will appear as blue (10mg) or pink (20mg) pills by the brand name Sevredol, or as slow-release tablets under the brand name MST Continus, which come in brown (10mg), purple (30mg), orange (60mg), grey (100mg) or green (200mg).

For injection, morphine sulphate comes as a clear liquid in ampoules. Other injectable products include Cyclimorph (which contains cyclizine) and Omnopon, which contains the drug papaveretum, a mixture of opium alkaloids. Diamorphine, Oramorph, MST and morphine sulphate are all morphine in its different drug preparations.

Desired Effects:

As for heroin (except the 'rush' from injecting morphine is not as strong), euphoria, relaxation, decreased anxiety.

Side Effects:

Sweating, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, respiratory depression, constipation.

Long term risks:


Short term risks:

Tolerance, overdose.
Analgesic, Central nervous system depressant.
Orally but sometimes the tablets are crushed and injected. Morphine sulphate is injected.
If injected: needle and syringe, water, matches or lighter, spoon, tourniquet, swabs.
Pain relief for moderate to severe pain.
The primary active agent of opium. Little illicit morphine finds its way into Britain, but what is found on the illicit market in this country has probably been diverted from the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies, or GPs prescriptions.
It is rare to find a user dependent on morphine alone unless they have acquired this dependency as part of treatment for some medical condition. In such cases they will probably be treated either by their GP or by drug dependency clinics. Other regular drug injectors using heroin or other opiates may use morphine when they can get hold of it - in which case drug counselling agencies may be able to help them.

Parents & other relatives

Drug agencies also provide lots of advice and support to parents of people using these drugs. Many street agencies can provide relative support groups or counselling for family members, partners etc.

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